Soaring Phoenix: Seasonal Events

Speed and Agility Training

This speed and agility program is designed to assess and enhance an athlete’s running mechanics. Our 4-week program will cover the basis of running from linear, lateral, and multidirectional movement to more advanced techniques that will help an athlete improve their overall quickness and become closer to achieving their athletic potential.


A 1-day event where athletes will become exposed to the trials that colleges demand and expect them to stand out from their peers. This experience is a great way for athletes to obtain standards and metrics that will allow them to reach their next athletic stage.

Elite Class

An 8-week program customized for athletes looking to improve their strength, power, quickness, explosiveness, and overall conditioning. This elite program is recommended for High school or College athletes seeking to hone their skills during an off season or just for to perform at a higher level.

Phoenix Rising

Group class involving training tactics needed for real self-defense situations. Emphasizing elements of standup defense and striking, as well as defense on the ground. This is a 6-weeks course that is focused for Females ages 15+.

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